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Tankless Water Heater Service & Installation

Going Tankless – The Facts....


Tankless water heaters are significantly more energy efficient than conventional tank water heaters. Going tankless means saving money on energy bills and reducing carbon emissions.

  • 83-93% Energy Efficient

  • On Demand, Endless Hot Water

  • Made With Recyclable Materials

  • No Storage Tank, More Space

  • Indoor and Outdoor Installations

  • Completely Replaceable Parts

  • Good for you, good for the environment!

  • Your hot water heater is one of the biggest factors on your energy bill each month. Traditional tank water heaters continuously heat the water so that there is a “reserve” of hot water available for when you need it. That means that even when you’re not using hot water, your water heater is still on. And when you have exhausted the supply of hot water, you have to wait for the whole tank to get back up to temperature. Using a tank style water heater also produces about as much carbon emissions in a year as an automobile. By switching to tankless water heater, you can eliminate energy costs and carbon emissions.

  • A Tankless water heater on the other hand, only heats water when required, or On Demand, so you’re only using energy when you’re using hot water. Water is heated on demand, instantly within the tankless unit through a high efficiency heat exchanger, so you always have hot water. The tankless units are made with modular parts that are completely replaceable, so you’ll have your tankless for life. And since there’s no tank, you never run out of hot water!

McGinty Plumbing is a Rinnai authorized dealer with factory trained technicians!!

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